Autumn 2016 Sims and FMS Upgrade


Unfortunately we have had to delay the release of the Autumn Upgrade due to extended testing necessary to accommodate the coding changes introduced with the upgrade. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The new release dates are as follows:

Hosted (Terminal Server) Schools :  Friday 2nd/Saturday 3rd December 2016.

Own Upgrade Schools : Files will be available via SOLUS 3 on Friday 2nd December 2016.


What is it?

The Autumn 2016 upgrade will upgrade SIMS .net to version 7.172 and FMS to 6.172. It includes a number of fixes and enhancements.



  • It is now possible to record the Country of Birth and Proficiency in English for an applicant.


  • Customisation of the Programme of Study Gradeset to Correspond with School Policies available
  • Years 10 and 11 can be selected (KS4) in Study Tracking Entry (note: pre-defined statements have not been provided. Schools can create their own.)


  • Persistent Absence Report changed in line with current DfE guidance

    Persistent absence is now based on a possible number of sessions for each pupil/student, rather than being based on a standardised number of sessions within school. This helps identify pupils/students who are not due in school full-time, such as dual registered pupils/students.


  • Additional CTF Security message on export and import because they may contain confidential information.
  • Enhancement to Exam Results CTF Import – import of exam results via a CTF will create an indirect feeder school record in Tools/Other Schools if one is not already present.
  • Enhancement to import of Contact Titles – if a contact title does not appear in the lookups the title is not imported but an entry is created in the Exception Log.


  • New Detailed Cost Centre Transaction Report (allowing the report to focus on a selected fund and associated information).

Home Page (secondary and all through schools only).

  • The academic year selected through Tools / Academic Management / Set Academic Year is now displayed on the Sims Home Page adjacent to the Quick Search field . It can be changed by clicking on the label as well as through the route in Tools.

Lesson Monitor

  • Additional Persistent Absence Report
    • The report provides a list of students who are persistently absent (based on a chosen percentage, e.g. 10%), as well as overall figures about the number of students absent in school, and that figure as a percentage of the school population, in line with current DfE guidance. The calculations that the DfE use to analyse persistent absence have changed and this report reflects those calculations. Persistent absence is now based on a possible number of sessions for each student, rather than being based on a standardised number of sessions within school.

School Census Spring 2017 Return Files are included in this release.

  • Census date is 19/01/2017.
  • New items – Nationality, Country of Birth and Proficiency in English are collected in the return.
  • UPRN (unique property reference number) is collected on a voluntary basis. Validation errors will not be produced if this field is not populated.

The release notes containing full details of these and all the enhancements and fixes included in the Autumn 2016. Click here to download a copy of the release notes  print out the What’s New document once you’ve upgraded to the Autumn release and logged in.

Upgrade your own data? – you may find the following faq’s useful:


Schools who host SLG will be contacted by Capita with the upgrade notes and password.


 First published 28 September 2016
Posted in Bulletin.