Coronavirus (COVID-19): attendance recording for educational settings

This morning, all schools were sent information from the DFE regarding how to start monitoring attendance during the exceptional circumstances put in place due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The DFE have asked schools not to record attendance in the normal way through SIMS and have asked for all schools to follow the steps detailed below. These instructions can be found on the DFE Site.

1 – Do not take your normal register in SIMS.

2 – Download this spreadsheet – COVID-19 Attendance Spreadsheet

3 – Complete the ‘record of children in attendance form’ in the second tab in this spreadsheet. This will include children of critical workers and vulnerable children and may include children that are not enrolled at the school. You may also have children who are not enrolled at your school; you should record them on this form too.

4 – Check all of the instructions on the first tab of the spreadsheet for any further information you may need to include.

5 – Once completed, you will need to upload this spreadsheet to the DFE here. This is a dedicated webform that you will not be able to access through DFE Services. 

This process will need to be completed each day before 12pm.

Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, you will find instructions on how to complete it for each day so you will not need to re-download it everyday.

As you will not be taking registers in SIMS, the DFE have advised that you should enter a school closure so that all pupils have a # code against their register mark in SIMS. Instructions on how to do this can be found here 

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