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Academic Management- Tutor led training

This course is suitable for Data Managers/Curriculum Managers who have the responsibility for making effective use of SIMS to manage the curriculum membership of students once the timetable has been transferred into SIMS.

£170 for Scomis customers and £220 for non-customers
Full day
Course type
Remote tutor led course
Available Dates
Scheduled due to demand in Summer Term

Course Content

  • place students in bands and normal timetabled classes
  • maintain changes to class memberships, including student carousels
  • place students in alternative activities that may require withdrawal from normal classes
  • carry out academic promotion from one academic year to the next
  • make use of the wide range of academic lists and timetable printing available in SIMS.
  • make use of the student analysis routines
  • produce student timetables and timetable displays for Heads of Department