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Preparing for the New Academic Year in SIMS – End of Year Procedures- Primary – Online learning

This course describes the steps that should be followed to enable a successful transition from one academic year to another. It includes the creation of a new academic year, setting up next year’s registration groups and year groups, etc. together with the promotion of pupils from one year into the next. We've listened to our customer feedback, and are delighted to be able to offer this course as Tutor led Training to complement the ScoLearn course, please contact Scomis for more information. (Tutor Led Course is entitled "Preparing for the New Academic Year")

Any time, any place, any pace
£99 for non-customers, no charge for Scomis customers
Course type
Self-directed digital learning

Course Content:

  • Managing Pupils
  • Managing Staff
  • Creating New Academic Year
  • Pastoral Structure
  • Promotion Mapping
  • Applicants
  • Reporting

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