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Post 16 Learning aims census – half-day workshop – Tutor led training

This two and half hour workshop will not be a formal training course but will be an opportunity for data managers with responsibility for producing the post 16 elements of the autumn census to review the main step needed to prepare and produce the requirements of the census.

9.30 - 12.30
£115.00 for Scomis Customer £170.00 for non-customers
Half Day
Course type
Remote tutor led course

 It will cover some of the following areas:

  • New post-16 requirements items for this year’s census
  • Preparing your data for the previous academic year in course manager
  • Setting up course manager defaults – including planned learning hours thresholds,
  • Planned end dates, importing and assigning QWS QAN codes and checking the accuracy of course qualification numbers
  • Preparing your data for the current academic year including prior attainment for GCSE English and Maths
  • Managing student memberships of courses, learning hours and core learning aims for vocational pathways
  • Producing your return
  • Running the school census and checking for common post-16 learning aims errors 

This workshop will only focus on post-16 elements of the autumn census.