Data Integrity – Pre-admission CTF Import Issue – updated 21/06

21/06 Patch 24068 to permanently fix the import bug has been run for all schools on the hosted platform and released on Solus 3 for non-hosted schools.

13/06 12:00 Patch 23971 has been run for all schools on the hosted platform.

Capita have identified a bug in their software when CTF files for applicants are imported into a pre-admission group.  There are two issues:

  1. The first issue is it may incorrectly link an existing contact in the Sims database to an applicant in the CTF file if an existing contact has the same name and gender as the contact attached to the new applicant in the CTF file, even if the existing contact is not the same.

In addition it may change the existing contact’s address to match the address in the CTF contact’s details .  However, this only happens if ALL of the following is true:

  • The CTF has been imported using the option to “Add data for New Pupils only” or “General” AND
  • The option has been selected to “add the new pupil/s to a pre-admission group” AND
  • There is an existing contact in the Sims database that
    • Has the same name and gender as the applicant’s contact in the CTF file, AND
    • Has a different address to the one in the CTF.

Capita have issued Patch 23971 to fix the bug which we will run for all schools on our hosted platform.  This post will be updated when the patch has been run. Non-hosted schools, the patch has been released and will be deployed if you have set Solus 3 to automatic deployment.  For manual deployment through Solus 3 please follow this faq.

2. The second issue can be if the contact for the applicant in the CTF file does not have an address it won’t update the existing pupil’s address, but it may incorrectly link an existing contact to the CTF applicant.  Capita are developing a second patch to fix this issue.  This post will be updated when it is released.

Capita are in the process of developing a routine to help schools who may have already imported CTF’s under the conditions above to identify whether they have been affected by the bug.  They are also developing a patch to correct any incorrectly changed contact addresses.  We will update this post when the routine and patch are released.

In the meantime if you have already imported CTF’s into a pre-admission group using the “add new pupil” or “general” option and you are concerned, we have created a report which will find any changed contact addresses with a start date between a date range.  If you pick a date range which incorporates your import of CTF’s, that will alert you to any changes of contact addresses which you can investigate and manually fix. The report can be accessed via

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