CTF Import issue affecting SIMS Spring 2019 release (updated 12/07/2019)

Update – Friday 12th July:


Patch 25058 has been created which will add a new check in Database Diagnostics. This will be Check 100 and will identify which contacts have been affected by the recent CTF issue. This has not yet been applied to all of our Hosted schools, at present it is available upon request. Non-Hosted schools can apply the patch through SOLUS 3 should they wish.

We have also been provided with a database script which can be run instead of or alongside patch 25058. This script runs the same checks as Check 100 in Database Diagnostics. As with patch 25058, this has not yet been run against our Hosted schools, and at present it is also available upon request. Should our non-Hosted users like a copy of this script, please log a call with the Service Desk.

We will update this bulletin post early next week with further information regarding this patch and script.


Updated – Wednesday 10th July:

We have received patch 25040 from Capita which addresses the CTF issue detailed below.

Scomis Hosted Schools: We can confirm that this patch has been applied for all schools across our entire Hosted platform.

Non-Hosted Schools: The patch has been authorised through SOLUS 3 for all of our non-hosted schools. For more information about applying patches, please refer to this KB article.

Capita have identified a specific scenario which has affected CTF imports for a handful of schools who have taken the SIMS Spring 2019 release, which is different than the issue which affected schools last year. The scenario arises when a contact exists in SIMS and an imported CTF contains a sibling of an existing student and a student from an unrelated family that has a contact with the exact same surname, forename and gender.  Following the CTF import the new contacts telephone number and email address are appended to the existing contact held in SIMS. The student associated with the new contact (in the CTF file) is also incorrectly linked to the existing contact held in SIMS.

One type of example would be:

  • Already on SIMS
  • Student = Joanne Bradshaw, with a Contact/Parent = Wendy Bradshaw, Mother, Female (original)
  • In CTF file
  • Student = Mark Bradshaw (brother of Joanne), with Contact/Parent = Wendy Bradshaw, Mother, Female (Original)
  • Student = Jamie Bradshaw (unrelated to Joanne and Mark), with a Contact/Parent = Wendy Bradshaw, Mother, Female (new/different Wendy)

In this instance as both pupils have a parent called Wendy Bradshaw, identified also as being Female and with a relationship of Mother, the new CTF applicant would be linked to the original Wendy Bradshaw. The original Wendy Bradshaw address, telephone number and email would also be updated with the new/different Wendy Bradshaw’s details, meaning both Joanne and Mark’s contact will have incorrect details. Address, phone number and email address fields on the contact record may be incorrect.

Capita ESS apologises for any impact to our customers that may be affected. We will keep this bulletin up to date as more information becomes available.


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