Examinations Bulletin Summer 2017

Scomis will update this bulletin to reflect any changes to the examination results process. Schools are advised to check regularly for updates.

The Service Desk will open from 7.00 am until 17.00 pm on Wednesday 16th August and Wednesday 23rd August.



Subject Grade Analysis Report not reporting on L1L2 Results –

Results have been imported and are visible in Exams Organiser Marksheets, but when running the Subject Grade Analysis report for the Summer Season for qualifications at L1L2, you get the error “No data found for the report” currently under investigation – we will update this post as soon as the fix is available.


AQA English Lang and Lit, EDEXL Maths being discounted for all students

A number of schools are reporting this.  Please refresh the basedata and check in Manage PI that the equivalences are updated for the relevant QAN’s.


Error importing AQA Result Files  This is commonly affecting the 8702 and 8701 awards when the original basedata did not contain the grades in the apropriate JC Gradeset.  AQA issued version 3 of the basedata earlier in the year which when refreshed in Exams Organiser will allow the result file to import.


Error when trying to export Candidate Statement of Results to the DMS Patch 23115 is available on request.


Average column in Exams Organiser Group Performance Analysis report – Patch 23328 withdrawn and replaced with 23334 (please see note below under Patch Updates)

Patch Updates:

Workstation Fixes  We will be applying Workstation Fix 3 on the hosted platform tonight 18/08.  Details of the patch can be found here. Workstation Fix 3 includes Fix 1 and 2  Available on request for non hosted schools.

Non-hosted schools –  workstation fix 2 and patch 23196 have been released to you via SOLUS 3 – These will both need to be applied to your data before the KS4 results download day. Instructions on how to apply the workstation fix can be found here

Patch 23273 Issue with Candidate Statement of Results
For some qualifications received, the performance points relating to that grade are not showing in the Candidate Statement of Results. This patch has been applied for hosted schools. Released on Solus 3 for all non hosted schools.
Patch 23329 Year 12 students being included in the 2017 PI Cohort 16+
This patch fixes the issue where students in Year 12 who had taken an AS Level this year were being included in the 2017 PI Cohort 16+.  The patch now only includes students at the end of their 16-18 study, i.e. not Year 12 students. Available on request.
Patch 23328 Average and Residual column in Group Performance reports not populating and inaccurate
When generating this report for A levels (GCSE and AS levels appear correct), no points are shown, this impacted the residual columns as well.  This patch fixes the calculations in the Exams Organiser report. Available on request.
Patch 23059 Patch to fix JCQ Gradeset JC 41 Results and JC 41 Forecast – The DfE have confirmed that the performance points linked to this JCQ Gradeset and therefor Capita’s two Gradeset should range from 18-2 instead of 17-1, This Gradeset covers grades from 9-9 to 1-1 reformed GCSE. This patch has been applied for all hosted schools.  It is a RUN ONCE patch – available on request for non hosted schools.


Patch 20372  Patch to update JC Gradesets 58 and 59 – this patch updates JC Gradesets 58 and 59 if they are showing as blank when selected.  This patch has been applied for all hosted schools. It is a RUN ONCE patch – available on request for non hosted schools.


Patch 23071  Patch to correct JC Gradesets L, M and N – Grade mappings have been fixed for these three JC Gradesets. In some cases a grades E3 was displayed instead of a Pass and for Gradeset JC L, grades 5, 4, 3 and 2 are inserted.This patch has been applied to all hosted schools. It is a RUN ONCE patch – available on request for non hosted schools.


Patch 23101 Coursework marks for AQA – If you have imported basedata for AQA Resistant Materials (4560), when trying to enter coursework marks into a Marksheet an error can occur, this is due to the fact that the underlying Aspect has no minimum or maximum marks attached. This patch fixes this aspect. It is only necessary to apply this patch if your school is taking this award and entering coursework marks. Available on request.


Patch 23136 Resolves the error “there are no results to clone” (Tools/PI Setup). It replaces patch 23022.   Please note: If the school had not imported the PM file for 2016 last year, then they will need to run patch 22967 which will import the PM file, followed by patch 23136. Available on request.


Patch 23087 This patch supports the new process of Manage PI data.  It updates the most common qualifications included in the PI calculations with the correct points.  Details of what this patch does and does not do can be found here.  This patch has been applied to all hosted schools. Available on request for non hosted schools.

For full details of how to make sure your data is up to date for PI reporting, please read the faq –  Preparing your data for PI reporting



Useful Documentation: 

Scomis Examination Results Day Handbook August 2017

Examination Officers Newsletter Summer 2017

Statement of Intent 2017 – This statement of intent sets out the DfE’s plans for the content of the 2017 school and college performance tables. As a result of previously announced government reforms to the way schools and colleges are held to account for their performance, a number of new performance measures appear for the first time this year at key stage 4 and 16-18.

DfE Guidance on which qualifications will count in 2017 – This spreadsheet contains details of the qualifications which count in the English Baccalaureate for the 2016 to 2019 secondary (key stage 4) performance tables.

Key stage 4 shadow measures – These shadow measures have been provided to schools to help them to visualise how
their key stage 4 results may look using the 2017 point score methodology.

School performance: 2017 point scores for 16 to 18 qualifications  – This spreadsheet lists the point values for every 16 to 18 qualification in the school performance tables.

School performance: 2017 point scores for KS4 qualifications – This spreadsheet lists the point values for every key stage 4 qualification in the school performance tables.

GCSE new grading scale: factsheets  – Information about the new GCSE grades for parents, employers and further and higher education providers.

Performance tables: approved qualifications and discount codes

Useful faq’s

Preparing your data for PI reporting

Troubleshooting KS4 performance tables report

Troubleshooting KS5 16-18 performance tables report

Exam results import errors


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