Examinations Bulletin Summer 2018 – updated 23/08/2018 09:00

Key Dates:

Summer 2018 SIMS and FMS Upgrade release date:  6th July 2018

Download days :  The Scomis Service desk will be open from 07.00 to 17.00 on  results download days –  15th August 2018 and 22nd August 2018.

Information regarding the CTF Issue and Exams Processes
Please be aware that exam functionality is not impacted by the current CTF Incident where pupil information may have been linked to an incorrect contact. However if you need to send out pupil/student information electronically or by post, please read our post before doing so.



Triple Science not showing in Examination Organiser Result Reports

We are getting reports that for AQA and OCR the Subject Grade Analysis Report in Exams Organiser is not showing any results.  The underlying issue was that the original Basedata from the AO was setting these awards at a level of GCSE Double Award and not the required GCSE 9-1 Full Course Double Award.  We advise that customers download the latest versions of the GCSE basedata into their ExamIn folder.  Unzip the file (yes to overwrite existing) and refresh the basedata in Examinations Organiser.



Pearson Edexcel Endorsement Grades
We are getting reports that when importing result files for Edexcel where endorsement grades are included, an error is happening in Exams Organiser.  This error is due to the fact that the latest Basedata from Pearson Edexcel has not been refreshed prior to importing the result file issued today.  Customers are advised to download and refresh Version 2 of the basedata available here:

  • Pearson Version 2 6G – June 2018
    • Links for the ZIP and EXE files can be found under the GCSE, Edexcel Certificate and International GCSE banner.

Please download the new basedata file into the Examin folder, unzip the file and refresh the basedata for the affected awards in Exams Organiser.



BTEC- Error E6

We have been made aware of an issue with BTEC results if a candidate has attained a “P” Grade Error E6 is generated and the result does not import.

Cause:  The results file only contains Grade P which is not a valid grade, Sims is expecting a P1 or P2 grade.

Solution/workaround:  Check the correct grade on the Exam Board website and verify whether it is a P1 or P2 grade. Create a results marksheet for the award and enter the correct mark.



Ofqual announcement on Combined Science GCSE Grades
We have been made aware from Ofqual and a variety of different media sources that for 2018 and the Science Double awards, the grades available for the higher tier will extend from 9-9 down to 3-3.  Find out more in this notification.


PI Reports in Sims:  Under investigation and development – EBacc not calculating correctly for Strong Pass and Standard Pass (England Only)
Reformed GCSE qualifications that are awarded at a Grade 4 are showing as counting in the Strong EBacc Pass in the detailed PI Report, even though the qualification on its own is not a strong pass or a pass counted when the student has achieved a Strong Ebacc Pass (i.e. Grade 5 or higher in English and maths).OCR website.


OCR Cambridge Technicals – E1 Result for Elements Absent From Imported Basedata

Schools are advised to download the June copy of the basedata, take a copy of the results file and edit the header information in the file.  Details on the process can be found on the OCR website.

15/08/2018 10:25 Level 3 Technical Qualifications and R Grades

The DfE have asked Awarding Organisations, for the summer of 2018, to indicate for a selection of Level 3 Technical Qualifications if a student was close to passing individual units. Therefore the introduction of an R Grade for these will be given to these students.

The control of grades in existing Gradesets is governed by the JCQ and it is not possible to add in new grades to existing Gradesets. Management Information Systems such as SIMS will have all the JCQ Gradesets setup with those grades identified by them and at this time the R grade is not part of the required JC D Gradeset.

If a student has been awarded an R Unit Grade this summer for these qualifications, upon import the user will see the E6 handled error. t’s important to note that all other results will import as expected, including the overall award grades as an R grade is not being issued at the award level.

Unfortunately there is not a work around for this issue and it is not possible to manually enter the result via a Marksheet or as a Non EDI Entry. Therefore if a student takes a Level 3 Technical Qualification that counts towards the DfE key performance indicators, at an award level all the results will import fine and count as defined in the setup of that qualification in the Manage Performance Indicators screen.  It is only the unit grades where a R grade will be issued and at that lower level they are not used in any PI calculations.  On any reports that the school wishes to print out, where an R unit grade has been awarded, it will still appear blank and this will need to be manually written on.

The awarding organisations are in negotiation with the JCQ to introduce a new Gradeset that includes the R grade and this Gradeset will be applied to Basedata for 2019.

15/08/2018 09:15  Error importing results from OCR and AQA

Results not in range defined for the aspect

Please import the latest basedata into the Examin folder, unzip the file (yes to overwrite exsiting), refresh the basedata and re-import the results file.  Latest basedata can be found here:

14/08/2018  WJEC – Eduqas Science Endorsement Grades Failing to Import

The awards effected
A400QS                Biology A level
A410QS                Chemistry A level
A420QS                Physics A Level
When attempting to import the results and endorsements an error is presented as below:
Aspect Type Endorsement for Element A400QS not found
Aspect Type Endorsement for Element A410QS not found
Aspect Type Endorsement for Element A420QS not found

A revised version of .X06 of the 6A18B41 basedata series has been issued by WJEC. Affected schools are advised to download the new basedata file (z6a18B_41.zip) into their Examin folder from the WJEC website, unzip the file and refresh the basedata for the affected awards in Exams Organiser.

09/08/2018   Off-Role students in PI Reports not being included

An error has been identified in Sims PI Reporting where students who left AFTER the January census date are not being reported on.  In order to correct this schools are advised to change the Qualifying Date setting in PI Reports to the January Census date.  The Qualifying Date setting appears in the top right hand corner when you select the Report through Tools / Examinations / PI Reports.

06/08/2018 Fileset 1002 released

Fileset 1002 has been released by Capita to resolve an issue within one of the PI reports for Examinations.

For all Hosted schools this will have been applied for you.

Non-Hosted schools will need to download Fileset 1002 from https://faq.scomis.org/kb18622/

02/08/2018 Fileset 1001 withdrawn

Fileset 1001 has been withdrawn as it includes a file that causes a problem for one of the reports in Exams PI.

Fileset 1002 will be released shortly to resolve this issue. As soon as this is released we will update this post.

23/07/2018 Incorrect Gradeset Information on Pages 17/18 of Results Day Survival Kit

Capita have advised that the GCE Advanced Level (linear) & the GCE Advances Level (linear) with endorsed grade are showing the incorrect SIMS Exams Gradeset.

The correct SIMS Exams Gradeset are as follows:

GCE Advanced Level (linear) – JC 4 Result

GCE Advances Level (linear) with endorsed grade – JC 43 Result

19/07/2018 NCFE qualifications are not JC compliant so therefore the equivalent JC grade set for the QN will need to be selected when updating manage performance indicators.

It does not matter what JC equivalent grade set is selected however you must ensure the points for the grades are entered correctly to ensure the results can be recorded against the QN.

Capita cannot supply this information. It is the exam boards who supply the required data and all the relevant information is available in the form of spreadsheets provided by JCQ & DfE.

19/07/2018 Entering Ebacc double awards within Manage Performance Indicators – Double Science

Capita have advised that you will need to make sure that you have ticked the double Science subject within the Ebacc window.

In the Grade details you will need to enter 1 for all grades within the KS4 Size Equivalence column.

You will also need to enter 1 in the KS4 Std Pass Equivalence column but this is only for grades 99 – 44. The rest should be left at 0.

Capita have advised that 1 needs to be entered as the double option has been ticked within the Ebacc box therefore it will calculate as 2 awards within the PI reports.

19/07/2018 Patch 24126

This patch has been released to correct an error when calculating the Attainment 8 figure for a student who has only taken two single sciences.

If you require this patch please log a case with the Service Desk.

13/07/2018 Patch 24015

This patch is being applied to all Hosted Secondary Phase schools this weekend.

Non-Hosted schools this patch has been released to you via SOLUS 3

12/07/2018 QN Catalogue

The updated QN Catalogue files have now been added into F:\Public\Updates for all Hosted Schools.

Non Hosted Schools can access the files via the following FAQ: https://faq.scomis.org/kb7286/

This FAQ also includes information on how to import the files into SIMS.


Results Day Survival Guide – a guide on preparing for and managing Results Day including a Checklist on page 8 to ensure you have done everything you need to do to prepare for exams download days.

Processing Results and Calculating PI Data in Exams and SIMS

JC Gradeset List – this spreadsheet lists the gradesets for each qualification type per board.

16-18 DfE Qualifications and Discount codes for the 2018-2020 performance tables – this spreadsheet lists the point values for every 16 to 18 qualification in the school performance tables.

Key stage 4 qualifications and discount codes for the 2018 performance tables – this spreadsheet lists the point values for every Key Stage 4 qualification in the school performance tables.

Performance points for qualifications counting in the 2018 KS4 Performance Tables – this spreadsheet lists the point values for every key stage 4 qualification in the school performance tables.

KS4 Qualifications counting in the English Baccalaureate

Top Examinations FAQ’s

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Enhancements in the Summer 2018 Release:

  1. Discount family field for 16-18 qualifications.
  2. Discount codes can now be selected at once for both cohorts for AS, FSMQ and Level 2 Qualifications when updating QN’s in Tools/ Examinations / Manage Performance Indicator to ensure consistency.
  3. Additional GCSE 9-1 qualification subjects have been incorporated into the Edit PI Data discounting calculations

  4. Adjustments have been made in the EBacc panel in Tools / Examinations / Manage Performance Indicator in line with the DfE changes.

  5. Changes have been incorporated into the Progress 8 calculation to accommodate Combined Science (Double Award) for 2018.  Gradeset JC 41 result has been updated in the Summer 2018 release.

  6. The Estimated Attainment 8 Table has been updated to reflect changes to the Key Stage 2 Fine Level for 2018 in the Summer 2018 release.

  7. Level 2 Technical Certificate Results are now included in the PI reports. Tools / Examinations / Pi reports – Addition of Free School Meal Ever 1 and 6 to PI Group Filters


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