Exams Officers Conference 2017

Thank you to those who attended this years Exams Officers Conference. We hope you found it useful.

Here are the links to the power points.

Scomis presentation

JCQ Arrangements

EO Conference 2017

Entry Level and Pathways

Our responses to the Q&A Session:


  • How do centres apply for alternative site arrangements (i.e. kid needing to sit exam at home). I said first port of call would be our special considerations

Centres don’t actually need to apply, but they do need to inform us. The relevant JCQ form is available here:

https://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/forms and should be emailed in to us.

  • Re the above; what’s the ruling re a roving invigilator? Will there need to be two on site if one is perhaps acting as a scribe?

Yes – where an invigilator acts as a scribe/reader/practical assistant there must also be a ‘roving’ invigilator (JCQ ICE, p.19)

  • Why do our GCE candidate numbers have 5 digits?

We add a prefix for our internal systems, but as far as centres are concerned they should use four digit numbers.


  • NCFE have sideways opening script envelopes – very easy to use. Could we?

I will pass this on.

  • AQA’s early read option (EOs only) for results is really helpful. Could we introduce this?

I will pass this on.

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