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Exam Results Release Days – what does the data tell us?

On A-Level and GCSE exam release days, our customers across the country log on to Scomis Hosted Application to retrieve their students’ grades. We wanted to share the usage patterns to give an insight into how schools react on these pivotal days. This data showcases the palpable anticipation across schools and the critical role Scomis Hosted Application plays in delivering the most anticipated information of the year.

A-Level Results (15th-16th August 2023)

  • The earliest school to logon for A-Level results was at 10:11pm, and the next school’s logon was at 10:32pm
  • The longest session was from 11:02pm on 15th August to 3:14am on 16th August
  • The earliest session starting on 16th August was at 4:29am, and this customer extended their session until 6:36pm, hinting at an in-depth review or multiple checks
  • Overall there was a steady stream of logons throughout the night, with many schools making multiple logons

GCSE Results (22nd-23rd August 2023)

  • The first school to logon was 54 seconds after 10pm on 22nd August, and a multitude of schools joined our early bird very soon after
  • The longest session started at 10:24pm on 22nd August and lasted until 2:41am on the 23rd
  • Again, many schools logged on multiple times

Congratulations to all exams officers, teachers, support staff and leaders, and especially to all of your students on the conclusion of this period of their learning. Good luck and best wishes for your students’ futures.