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Welcome to Scomis’ brand new Purchase Portal.

Scomis’ Purchase Portal is an easy-to-use website that helps every customer to purchase best value technology by deploying best practice technology procurement. 

We’ve made this portal available to all education establishments nationwide. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to making a difference by adding value in everything we do. 

Who is Scomis’ Purchase Portal for? 

Scomis’ Purchase Portal is for everyone in education who procures and purchases technology for their schools, trusts and federations.  

Scomis’ Purchase Portal is for everyone in education who needs to source and receive written quotes for the best value technology.  

Typically Scomis’ Purchase Portal is used by Business Managers, Administration staff, school senior leadership, trusts’ Chief Finance Officers and Chief Operations Officers.   

Scomis’ Purchase Portal saves time and money 

Sounds like a win:win? That’s because It is. 

H3: It saves customers time  

Instead of losing time researching the right purchasing framework and best tech to buy, our portal does that for you. Our portal partners are constantly working in the background, to ensure the best, and best value, technology on the market is available on the portal. The portal searches so you don’t have to. 

As a customer using Scomis’ Purchase Portal you can search, receive written quotes for your purchase order process, and order your technology. And you can do all this knowing that you’re ordering the best technology on the right purchasing framework. 

It saves our customers money  

Scomis have brought together customer insights, hardware knowledge and technical procurement expertise. And we’ve combined this with the best value applicable government procurement framework we could find, which is the NHS Link 3 framework 

We’ve selected the NHS Link 3framework which, granted, sounds a bit odd for the non-NHS Education sector, because it’s the best value for money we could find for our customers. So, odd-sounding though it is, that’s what we went with.  

The NHS Link 3 has a low framework charge of 0.6%. This compares favourably with framework charges from more Education-related frameworks, which typically charge XX-XX%. 

So the portal saves you money on procurement, and it saves you money on price. This is because our partners have guaranteed they will find and secure best pricing every week for every technology item on the portal. Again, the portal searches so you don’t have to. 

Scomis Purchase Portal partners 

We have produced the portal with our fulfilment partner, Getech. Getech and Scomis have worked in partnership for XX years, creating value for our shared customers and delivering exceptional projects such as Google for Education, LEGO, xxx and xxx 

What’s next 

Take a look around the portal – don’t be shy, it’s easy to use, free to use, and we’re proud to share it with you. 


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