Scomis provides all customers with a free regular newsletter that is called "Password".  Our Password publications are issued six times a year (every half term) and sent out to every school by email.  Make sure you get your copy by subscribing using the "Sign up for newsletter" form on this page, and don't forget to tell your colleagues to subscribe too.

Regular topics in the newsletter include hints and tips, new services, new software, event updates , training updates, You Said - We Did and much more.  There is even an agony aunt called Grace who will answer any questions that you may have about Scomis, Staff, Services or in fact anything to do with ICT!

View our back catalogue or Password publications and latest issues, be sure you check our Password page.

Other Articles and Publications

Scomis also regularly contributes to other educational sectors magazines and publications.

Recently Scomis Consultant Paul Beavis wrote an article Removing the Fear Factor for the Institute of School Business' Magazine The Voice regarding minimising risk when adopting new technologies.

Training directories

Our training directory is available in hard-copy format and is also available for download using the links below.  If you would like a hard-copy version delivered in the post, please send use the log-a-call button and send us your contact details.

Training Services Directory 2015-2016 Primary

Training Services Directory 2015-2016 Secondary