School Workforce Census @ Portsmouth

As you know, Portsmouth City Council is recommending that schools complete their own School Workforce Census (SWC) return this year from their SIMS database. They are willing and able to carry out this return, using payroll data, at a shared cost across participating schools.  You will need to let them know by Friday 16th September. Please see attached documentation from Andre Merel of Portsmouth CC Children’s Services Information team for more information.

Portsmouth Update Statement 130916

If you would like to save this cost whilst future-proofing your SIMS system with regard to the SWC returns, then you need to make full use of your  Personnel module within your SIMS database. The Portsmouth schools we have spoken to currently only use Personnel to record details of their teaching staff, so that they can mark attendance and appear on class lists.

By using Personnel to it’s full potential, you will be able to gain speedy access to contact information for all your staff.  You can also use existing and create custom SIMS reports to cover essential areas like absence monitoring and reporting, salary letters and staff data collection sheets.

To enable you to get your Personnel system ready for the SWC collection date of 3rd November 2016, we are offering a full-day course on Personnel at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday, 4th October and a webinar on Monday, 10th October on how to complete the SWC.  This package will cost £215 per delegate.  Full details are in the attached document.

Portsmouth SWC Package

Please book your place with us by Monday 26th September.

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