SIMS School Workforce Census 2016 UPDATED 01/11/2016

School Workforce Census 2016

  • Return Date 3 November 2016
  • Return to LA usually within 2 weeks of return date
  • Return to DfE by 2 December 2016

Things all schools will need to amend/be aware of

Ensure NI Rates, Pay Awards, Allowances, etc. have been entered in SIMS
National Insurance Rates
Updating Pay Scales
Alternatively attend our training course Personnel Contracts & FMS Links to spend a morning go through the Personnel Setup area in detail.  Next course is on 19th October in Exeter. See the Course Details for all the relevant information.

Set Latest Review Date against each Teacher’s contract/service agreement
This should be the date of the last Pay Setting meeting that affects the person’s pay. This is usually a Governing Body Finance meeting or SLT, and is where increments/progression are approved.  For new staff it will be their start date of employment as the last pay review was setting their pay amount.

Tools – Setups – Employment Parameters: Select your default allowance (Actual or Annual)
This is because of the concessionary payments in last years pay award, which were entered into SIMS as spot allowances by some schools.  From Spring Upgrade, all Spot allowances are automatically set to Actual (amount paid) but from 1/9/2015 it was possible to add them in as an Annual payment – spread across the year.  This tells SIMS  to take the amount as it is or multiply it by 12 for the purposes of the SWC.

New validation Query SWC 4722Q will be triggered where the Post is equal to (SUP or TAS) then the following Role Identifier values should not be used:

CADV – Careers Advisor

HDPT – Head of Department

HDHO – Head of House

HDYR – Head of Year

SENC – SEN Co-ordinator

INS – Instructor (including sports coach)

If you find that you have to use a combination of SUP/TAS and one of the codes above then you must put a note in COLLECT to explain why

Check and if necessary, install the latest fileset before running the final return
Latest fileset –

Ensure that suspended contracts for maternity, secondment, etc., have a corresponding absence with the same dates.
How to input a suspension into a contract –

Do not suspend Acting Up contracts. Clone, Close and Create

Clone the original contract and set new future dates for their return to this post

Close the original contract with the relevant end date

Create the Acting Up contract to fill the dates between
This will prevent the validation error “Greater than 1.5FTE”.  However some schools prefer to have a correct date of employment on their record as it shows in reports.  Obviously the fix for SWC will mean that they have a later date on their contract they return to.  If this is the case, you will need to end the original employment instead, run the SWC to its completion and then remove the end dates afterwards.  Either approach means the correct data is brought into SWC.#

Identify Leadership Post Personnel appointed on the 2014 Framework (those who started on or after 1/9/14
Anyone employed after 1/9/2014 on a Leadership scale have a very different set of Terms and Conditions.  Please indicate which applies to your Leadership posts within the Census return.

Ensure all Teacher numbers are entered (no temporary numbers)

Ensure SENCO is entered as an additional role against the relevant Teacher’s contract

Add School Direct Trainees (Salaried) as individual Personnel Records

Remove Zero Hour Contracts (these will be included on Headcount)
These staff members will have a personnel record but no contract.  They will have a Service Agreement which records when they are working in the school.

Send Privacy Notices to all staff

Schools should not:

  • Remove the ‘Eligible for SWR’ tick unless they have identified a reason to exclude the person from the return
  • Import the ccs_base_lookups file – this is now included in the Summer Upgrade. A patch will need to be applied if the school have imported the older file.

Federated schools with all personnel in one database need to send in one return with an Excel spreadsheet detailing:

  • Staff with list of hours/FTE against each location
  • Absences for all teachers and teaching assistants against each location
  • Headcount split by location for Vacancies, Occasional Teachers and Third Party Support

An easy way to achieve this is to run the Detailed Report All Staff, export it to Excel and add a location column. Save the spreadsheet and send it up to DfE as part of your submission.

Academies need to ensure that they have updated their School Details with the conversion dates and previous names of their maintained school. This will control the range of dates reported upon.

All-Through schools will need to delete Curriculum lines for Years 4 and below from the Teachers and Teaching Assistants Panel before the return is authorised and submitted.

Other Resources

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