Summer 2017 SIMS and FMS Release

What is it?

The Summer 2017 upgrade will upgrade SIMS .net to version 7.176 and FMS to 6.176. It includes a number of fixes and enhancements.

The release dates are:

Hosted (Terminal Server) Schools :  Your data will be upgraded on Friday 14th July/ Saturday 15th July.

Own Upgrade Schools : Files will be available via SOLUS 3 on Friday 14th July

Latest News
Bulk exporting CTF’s after the Summer Upgrade not working after applying the Summer Release.  Capita have issued a workstation fix.

Hosted schools – the fix will be applied to the platform.

Non hosted schools will need to apply it. Click here for more details.

Assessment Manager Individual Reports

Some schools are experiencing error “the macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your macro settings” when running individual reports after the Summer Upgrade.  Capita have issued on demand patch 23191 to fix the error.

Hosted schools please request the patch is applied to your data.

Non hosted schools apply patch 23191 from Solus 3.

Upgrade files missing from Solus 3Own Upgrade Schools Only

Some schools are reporting SIMS upgrade files 3.62.669 to 3.62.768 are missing from Solus 3.  Requesting a re-release from Capita has ensured that the upgrade files appear.

Upgrade fails with conflict error – Own Upgrade Schools Only

Some schools are receiving an error when upgrading to the Summer Release.  The error message presented is:
Cannot resolve the collation conflict between “SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS” and “Latin1_General_CI_AS” in the equal to operation.

The error comes up during the upgrade and the database will restore back to Spring.  Schools are advised to check their system is working on Spring, then apply patch 23172, upgrade to Summer 2017 and then apply patch 23173.

Steps have been taken by Capita to ensure this does not happen in the Autumn upgrade


NEW! Options Online

  • Options Online will be available later this year.   It is a new web-based solution that enables you to create an Options plan, offer course selections to students online and create a solution.  In preparation for the Options Online a link to the Options Online home page has been added to the SIMS menu structure.  For those schools that are  interested in using Options Online for the 2017-2018 options process courses have been scheduled.   Click here for more details.


  • A user defined field can now be inserted into Individual reports.
  • Provision of Early Years Foundation Stage Resources in Programme of Study

Exams Organiser (secondary schools)

  • The Certification Broadsheet report has been updated to include both the A*-G and 9-1 grades on the same report.
  • A number of new performance measures have been incorporated in the 16-18 PI reports for the Summer exams season of 2017.
  • The reformed 9-1 grades for English and Maths have been incorporated into the KS4 PI reports for the Summer exams season of 2017. Only reformed qualifications for English and Maths count in the Performance Measures, regardless of any early entries. A number of other amendments have been made to the KS4 PI reports to support these changes.


  • Enhancements to Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) for FRS users with multiple funds.  The Cover Page and Cover Page Form have been
    enhanced to show the split between Funds and their values instead of ALL FUNDS being displayed as one block.

Nova T6 (secondary schools)

  • A new routine has been provided to support the options process using SIMS Options Online. This routine enables the existing curriculum structure in SIMS to be
    imported into Nova-T for scheduling purposes.


  • The values in the Check lookup have been updated to assist with your inspection reports. These updated values facilitate the recording of staff checks in the Check
    table on the Employment Details tab of the Employee Details page.

Autumn Census and School Workforce Census

  • School Census Autumn 2017 and School Workforce Census Return files are in this release.

The release notes containing full details of these and all the enhancements and fixes included in the Summer 2017 can be downloaded from here



Upgrade your own data? – you may find the following faq’s useful:

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