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Financial Reporting Suite software works within FMS and allows a greater degree of interrogation and presentation of financial data than the standard FMS reporting tool. Custom reports and graphs can be generated by Cost Centre, Ledger Code or Fund quickly and efficiently. Schools can also create or download templates in order to extract and send information to their LA as required. All information can be saved as PDF or XLS for ease of transfer.

This is a ‘Hands On’ training workshop for Devon schools using your own schools data*

A SIRO form must be completed before attending this course. Please ask for this when making your booking. If this is not completed you will only be able to use Scomis Training data on this course.


Forecast Entry, Notes & Budget Changes (Virement)

Summary Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Customised Templates

Conditional Formatting

Creating Graphs

Exporting Formats

*Hosted Application Service schools only when attending courses at Scomis Training Suite in Exeter.  If you are not a Hosted School (Terminal Server) you will not be able to access your schools data and you will use Scomis Training Data.

Full day