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FMS is a finance package that runs separately from SIMS, but which can be linked to gain information from SIMS.

FMS is capable of recording all order and invoice information for suppliers, recording budgets and commitments along with cash book transactions, petty cash and general journals. It produces cheque and BACS runs and bank reconciliations along with all the period end/year end procedures. It can also store and calculate salary information as well as produce sales invoices and record equipment although the last two are not covered in detail in this course.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will understand:

n   the setup of FMS

n   maintaining/creating the chart of accounts structure in FMS

n   the various management reports in FMS

n   the budget process in FMS

n   bank processes in FMS

n   journal processes in FMS

n   payroll processes in FMS

n   Central and Auto Reconciliation processes in FMS.


This course covers the management side of FMS. It will look at how FMS is set up and how to amend the chart of accounts structure. Management-based reports and month end processes will be covered.

Course requirements

A prior knowledge of FMS and an understanding of the school’s current office/financial systems is advised but is not essential.

Full day 9.30- 15.30

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