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MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2016 – PART 2 – Following on from Excel Part 1, delegates who use Excel regularly will learn ways to improve efficiency and outcome using simple tools and methods.

If you are unsure if this is the right course for you, please complete the self-assessment at the bottom of the page. If you need further guidance please contact or call 01392 385300

Revision (if necessary)

Formula Construction

  • Absolute/Relative Cell References
  • Applying Range Names
  • Adding Range Names Using the Name Box
  • Using the New Name Dialogue Box
  • Editing and Deleting A Range
  • Using Range Names in Formulas

Using Specialised Functions

  • TEXT Functions
  • LOGICAL Functions
  • IF
  • Logical Operators
  • Nested Functions
  • AND, OR
  • DATE Functions
  • NOW
  • Lookup Functions

Create and Modify Tables

Sort and Filter Data

  • Sorting Data
  • Advanced Filtering

Create Charts

  • Chart Types
  • Creating Bar, Pie, Line Charts
  • Adding A Trend Line
  • Resizing, Moving and Printing Charts
  • Creating A Chart Template

Customize Workbooks

  • Add Comments
  • Protect Files
  • Worksheet and Workbook Protection
  • Protect Worksheet Option
  • Protect Workbook Option

Full day

Cost: £170.00 per person SLA Rate

If you are unsure whether this is the correct level of course for you, please complete the self-assessment questionnaire.

To book a place on this course please complete the booking form and email to  Click here for the booking form.