Administrative Staff


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This course is designed to be delivered using Waters Edge training data but is also suitable for secondary schools who do not use Lesson Monitor. 

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • plan a strategy for managing the statutory attendance process
  • customise attendance to meet the particular needs of your school
  • understand the potential links to other functionality in SIMS
  • identify the most efficient way of collecting attendance data
  • understand how to maintain that data effectively
  • know how to report attendance data to help monitor attendance at a range of levels
  • generate letters to parents efficiently.


This course covers the procedures in Attendance which enable you to meet your school’s day to day statutory attendance monitoring needs. It includes configuring Attendance, preparing letters, capturing data efficiently, statutory attendance codes and extracting information through a variety of reports.

Course Requirements

An understanding of the school’s attendance procedures and a familiarity with SIMS.

Cost £170.00 Including lunch and all refreshments.

£220.00 for non-customers

Attendance: Full Day – 9.30 – 15.30