Curriculum Managers


The collection of post-16 learning aims, directly from the school’s management information system (MIS), has led to the need for an additional structure beyond those used for timetabling, examinations and academic management; the need to be able to manage courses. Consequently, course manager exists in SIMS for schools to be able to maintain this data.

Nova-T, Examinations Organiser, Course Manager and Academic Management support the collection, maintenance and reporting of this data. You may not have detailed knowledge of all these areas, but you need to ensure that colleagues who do know that they have a significant part to play in a process that has a direct bearing on the school’s funding. Course Manager is an important part of SIMS which feeds into Autumn Census and maintaining it correctly will lead to an appropriate post-16 funding for a school. We strongly recommend schools to have someone in charge of Course Manager.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

n   understand when a course is created

n   understand the relationship between Course Manager and other areas of SIMS

n   manage the student memberships of courses

n   understand the link between examination awards and courses of study

n   import and assign QWS QAN codes

n   manage the post-16 learning aims processes.


This course explores how the Course Manager functionality of SIMS links areas such as Nova-T, Academic Management and Examinations Organiser, including procedures for supporting the maintenance of post-16 learning aims.

Course Requirements.

This course is aimed at SIMS/data managers, academic administrators, examination officers and staff responsible for the post-16 learning aims return.

Full day