Curriculum Managers

Maintaining the timetable can mean many things, from simply changing someone’s room to rescheduling part of the timetable. This course deals with the most common processes, some of which require changes to the plan and others just to the timetable. The responsibility of maintaining the timetable usually lies either with the timetabler, the SIMS/Data Manager or administrative staff in a school.

NOTE: If you are attending this course remotely it is advisable that you do not attempt to make any changes to the live timetable files in your school. Your trainer will allow you to view the desktop of their computer for you to view the worked examples.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • understand the complexities of timetable data and changes
  • change the room and teacher of a timetabled class
  • add additional staff onto classes, as is the case with support
  • deal with the arrival of new staff
  • carousel teachers or rooms around classes in a block
  • maintain the integrity of data between Nova-T and SIMS
  • deal with an alternative curriculum
  • add/edit additional non-teaching time to staff timetables (Non-Class Codes)
  • allocate class levels and understand the impact on School Census and Course Manager in SIMS.


This course deals with how to change rooms and add a teacher or assistant, amend the timetable following staff changes, establish teacher and room carousels, implement communication between Nova-T and SQL, as well as using non-class codes (NCC). If you wish to further your knowledge of Nova-T, you may benefit from the four day Curriculum Management Using Nova-T course.

Course Requirements

Prior knowledge of Nova-T is helpful, but not assumed.

Full day