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Microsoft Excel 2016 Part 3. Following on from Excel Part 1 and 2, this course takes you through exercises to further improve your use of Excel using features to help you improve output and efficiency.

If you are unsure if this is the right course for you, please complete the self-assessment at the bottom of the page.  If you need further guidance please contact or call 01392 385300

Microsoft Office Excel 2016 is the newest version of Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet program. This, the third level of Velsoft’s training program, explores the advanced features in in Excel 2016. Students will cover:


SUBTOTAL functions

The SUBTOTAL dialogue box
Summary Totals in Tables

Analysing Data with PivotTables, Slicers and PivotCharts

Create a PivotTable
Prepare the Data Source
Create PivotTable Dialogue Box
Summarise Data in a PivotTable
The PivotTable Fields Pane
Functions in a PivotTable
Filter Fields and the PivotTable
Summarize Values as Percentages
Group Fields
Refresh Data
Change Data Source
Adding Calculated Fields

Import a Delimited Text File

Filter Data Using Slicers

Analyse Data with PivotCharts

Auditing Worksheets

Trace Cells
Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors
Watch and Evaluate Formulas
Create a Data List Outline

Presenting Data with Sparklines

Working with Multiple Workbooks
Consolidate Data
Link Cells in Different Workbooks
Merge Workbooks

Automatic Worksheet Functionality
Apply Conditional Formatting
Add Data Validation Criteria

Create and Edit a Macro
The Record Macro Dialogue Box
Naming Macros
Copying Macros Between Workbooks
Macro Security Settings

Full day

Cost: £170.00 per person SLA Rate

If you are unsure whether this is the correct level of course for you, please complete the self-assessment questionnaire.

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