Curriculum Managers

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Curriculum Managers

This course is intended to help school staff create an Options plan, offer course selections to students online and create a solution that helps satisfy students’ choices. It is a linear process that starts with defining the plan and ends with transferring the plan to SIMS.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

n   define a new options plan, enter and analyse student choices

n   create classes and place them into a blocking structure

n   allocate students to classes, modifying the structure as appropriate

n   process the export to SIMS and subsequently to Nova-T


The course covers how the SIMS Options Online can be used to manage the student options process.

This course covers:

n   defining an Option Plan

n   creating block structures and classes

n   entry and analysis of student choices

n   allocating the options

n   editing the structure

n   producing reports

n   exporting to SIMS and Nova-T.


Course Requirements

A basic understanding of the options process in schools and its relationship to the timetable and Academic Management.

Full day 9.30- 15.30

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