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This course is aimed at school staff who are new to using Personnel in SIMS.

SIMS Personnel enables you to enter data for employees and is designed to run with the English version of Green Abbey training data.

As well as supplementing the school’s management information system (MIS), data entered accurately will support the production of statutory returns. The school workforce census (SWC) is an annual collection which takes place in the autumn term and collects a wide range of school level data along with individual level data for each eligible member of staff.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course you will be familiar with the range of personnel related data which can be held in SIMS and be able to:

n   add new and edit existing personnel records

n   maintain pay and contract related data

n   maintain personnel data to support other areas of SIMS including pastoral structure, curriculum, FMS and statutory returns (including SWC)

n   produce standard reports for data checking purposes.


The course covers the maintenance and management of staff personal, professional and contractual data. You will be shown how to deal with new appointments and leavers, promotions and other data adjustments with a focus on data collected by the SWC, as well as links to the SIMS Finance module FMS.

Course Requirements

This course is aimed at staff in school with responsibility for updating and maintaining personal, professional and contractual information. Knowledge of SIMS and the school’s personnel procedures is desirable.

Full day 9.30- 15.30

How to book:

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£170.00 Including lunch and refreshments.