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Are you looking to adopt SharePoint to be a single point of access for your team files and documents? Or are you already a SharePoint site administrator or thinking about becoming one?

SharePoint is a web-based Office 365 tool which enables you to create and manage information in a variety of formats whilst maintaining security to ensure only the relevant people can access appropriate information. It makes collaborative work across teams simple and enables you to share documents and data with both internal and external organisations.

Scomis is now able to offer a 1 day training course to anyone who wants to develop their SharePoint knowledge, learn how to create and design a SharePoint site and ensure they can effectively maintain SharePoint site security.


Feedback from October 2018

  • The Tutor did an excellent job, as SharePoint scope is so vast and can be used a verity of ways. He was clear in his teachings and the work books he provided where accurate and to the point.

SharePoint Syllabus

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