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There are times when it is necessary to take steps beyond the normal range to attempt to meet a child’s educational needs. In these circumstances a teacher often discusses what possible further action the school can take with the inclusion manager/SEND co-ordinator (SENDCo) and a formal process may begin, governed by the SEND Code of Practice.

The SEND Code of Practice outlines in detail a comprehensive process involving a range of interested parties from parents and guardians to specialists in different educational issues. Such wide-ranging activities require careful record keeping and planning and there is potential for a large volume of documentation. Traditionally the SENDCo maintained this documentation in a series of files, folders and filing cabinets and circulated this information as a hard copy.

The Special Education Needs (SEN) software in SIMS enables the SENDCo to manage the recording of all aspects of the SEND process in accordance with the requirements of the code of practice, building on information already held in SIMS. It also enables schools to record the details of external specialists and organisations.

Once information has been recorded by the SENDCo or an administrator it immediately becomes available to all staff members with appropriate access rights. Detailed reports are included in SIMS (and others can be designed) so an out-of-date printed SEND register may become a thing of the past.

Electronic versions of documents can be attached to a pupil’s SEND record and to other areas within SIMS and made readily available to colleagues who need to access them.

Course Objectives
This course provides a detailed overview of the SIMS software for managing the SEND process in school in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice and is of benefit to SENDCos, Teaching Assistants and Administrative staff who support the SENDCo.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
navigate through SIMS
manage and record details of reviews, events and provisions
manage students with additional education needs
produce the SEND reports provided in SIMS
edit lookup tables
add linked adults, agents and agencies
send, receive and view messages relating to SEND pupils
configure your SIMS Home Page to help monitor SEND processes.

This course enables you to familiarise yourself with the SEN module in SIMS, reflecting the SEND Code of Practice, and use it effectively and efficiently in school.
Course Requirements
An understanding of SEND and how it is managed in school will be useful.