Spring 2017 SIMS and FMS Upgrade

What is it?

The Spring 2017 upgrade will upgrade SIMS .net to version 7.174 and FMS to 6.174. It includes a number of fixes and enhancements.

The release dates are as follows:

Hosted (Terminal Server) Schools :  Friday 31st March / 1st April 2017.

Own Upgrade Schools : Files will be available via SOLUS 3 on Friday 31st March 2017.



  • Key Stage Resources are available for import after the Spring 2017 upgrade.  All schools are advised to press Yes to import the latest resources when prompted.  Please note – it may take some time to import.

NEW! Sims Interventions

  • Enables schools to enrol pupil/students who are not achieving as expected on a course of intervention measures. It is possible to allocate additional resources, monitor the use of these resources and gauge how they affect Key Performance Indicators, as well as record the cost, resulting in the school being able to track the cost of intervention measures against outcomes.
  • The Interventions Handbook can be accessed through the Documentation Link on the Home Page or a copy can be downloaded here.

Course Manager

  • Removal of the Import Performance Measures File Functionality.  Schools can now manage their own examination data and clone QN’s.
  • Retake Column renamed to Non Funded.


  • Additional pre-defined graphs provided for use with SIMS Interventions

End of Key Stage (England)

  • Key Stage Wizards updated to align with official government guidance and assessment reporting arrangements for 2017.

Examinations Organiser

  • Cloning QNs from previous years
  • Managing Examination Data in SIMS
  • Removal of the Import Performance Measures File Functionality


  • Enhanced Income and Expenditure Report
  • Charge Account with one or more charge cards linked to enable users to record Accounts Payable transactions against a charge account and manage their reconciliation.
  • Charge Account Report
  • National Insurance 2017/18 calculations have been updated to reflect recent changes by HMRC.

Lesson Monitor

  • SIMS Interventions Pupil/Student Identification Column available in several areas of Attendance and Lesson Monitor.


  • Additions to the Reporting Dictionary (Reports / Design)
    • Destination expected start field (student)
    • Nationality and Passport
    • Place of Birth
    • Intervention fields
  • New Pre-Defined Report – Admission Register Roll Book 2017

School Census Summer 2017 Return

  • Census files are available with this release and updated in compliance with DfE specifications. Fileset 601 will be deployed to hosted schools.  Non-hosted schools can download it from here.


  • Destination Expected Start Date added to the Pupil/Student and the Leavers record.
  • Renaming of the Interventions Panel on the Behaviour Management Page to Initiatives.
  • Additional lookups for Ethnic Data Source

SIMS Teacher App – iOS Updates

  • Additional functionality for attendance
  • Includes support for the customisation of Programme of Student assessment grade sets including colours, grades and descriptions.

The release notes containing full details of these and all the enhancements and fixes included in the Spring 2017 upgrade can be downloaded from here:

sims_spring_2017_combined_release_note fms_spring_2017_release_note


Upgrade your own data? – you may find the following faq’s useful:


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