what we do at Scomis


Examinations Officers Network Meetings

These sessions are provided at strategic points during the year to provide Exam Officers with information that will help them with the Examinations process, and provide Exams Officers with key Scomis updates.

User Group Updates, Requests and Demonstrations

These twice yearly sessions organised by Scomis and attended by any members of your school staff have two main purposes. One is to provide our customers with information which is achieved via updates, demonstrations and presentations. The other purpose is to inform customers about how Scomis is performing against KPIs set by the group.  For more details about User Groups please click here.

Strategic Briefings

Scomis run briefing events to let schools know about developments in school ICT and MIS usage.  Recently we have run sessions on Assessing pupils without Levels, and also take part in briefings involving School Finance and Pupil Behaviour.