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Scomis now offer a free Hardware Procurement Service to all our customers.  This is a value added service helping schools obtain best value for money.  Scomis helps you work out the products you need; providing technical advice to ensure hardware specifications are fit for purpose and meet your requirements.

School Challenges - Hardware Procurement


Helping you obtain best value for money


Ensuring hardware specifications are fit for purpose and meet the specific requirements of education customers


Reducing time spent searching the marketplace and obtaining multiple quotes from suppliers

Why buy through Scomis?

Best Value

All prices obtained through Scomis are nationally competitive and can be up to 30% cheaper than buying direct





Customer Insurance and Peace of Mind

When you buy services through Scomis, we are responsible for the performance of that service

Time Saving

Scomis makes finding, buying and implementing IT easier for schools. We can request multiple quotes from a range of over 50 suppliers.




Skilled Staff

Knowledgeable staff can advise on the specification of suitable hardware to meet administrative and curriculum needs of the schools




Wide Range

A wide range of hardware available through IT frameworks allowing our customers to obtain best value





Meets Schools Financial Regulations

Scomis order via an EU tendered procurement framework - so no need for 3 quotes

Next Steps

  • Give a description of what you need - or what you want to achieve
  • Let us know any quantities involved/length of warranties required
  • Let us know how urgent timescales are
  • Let us know if you need to be sent only the Best Value quote or you need to be sent multiple quotes

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