Scomis Desktop


The Scomis Desktop

Unleash the Power of Capita SIMS in the Classroom

  • Would you like your teachers to have an intuitive interface with Capita SIMS?
  • Do you want to be able to provide your teachers with the features and tools they actually need to complete teacher-focused administrative functions?
  • Do you want to be able to provide your teachers with a solution that can be accessed securely, anytime, anywhere and from any device?

What is the Scomis Desktop?

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The Scomis Desktop boasts a fresh, intuitive interface which provides the tools schools need whilst streamlining features to help save time. Teachers can easily perform core tasks such as student achievement, behaviour, assigning detentions and taking registers. The product also includes easy to use seating plans where layouts can be customised for individual lessons. Staff can also view timetables and reports and spot data trends relating to attendance, achievement and behaviour to help improve student outcomes.

The ideal solution for teachers working in school.

Accessing the timetable information from SIMS, the home screen displays the classes ready for registration with the magnifying glass to the right to allow search for student, class or year group. Registration is easy through the intuitive interface

Desktop registration page 2


  • Provides all the information teachers require without accessing SIMS
  • Encourages teachers to view and interact with their SIMS
    database anytime, anywhere and across a variety of devices
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fully integrates with the Scomis SIMS Hosted Application Service

GDPR and The Scomis Desktop

Forget those endless lists for school trips and excursions which include personal and confidential information.

Forget the worry of making sure the lists are up to date and accurate.

Remove the risk of a Data Breach through loss of a file or folder containing personal and confidential student information.

The Scomis Desktop provides easy safe, secure access to student information.


Full Features

The full features of the Scomis Desktop include:
• Viewing the student record
• Viewing, searching and filtering classes and groups
• Easy to use seating plans
• View ‘my’ timetable and other staff timetables
• Take attendance for a class or group
• Record assessments in mark books
• Record Programmes of Study

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