Our Team

Scomis Group  Management

 Debbie Foweraker Head of Scomis Group

Senior Leadership Team
Helen Jarvis, Debbie Foweraker, Hilary Lloyd, Ben McGowan

Senior Leadership Team Plus  
Mark Godwin, Roger Jenkins, Zac Newton, Ben McGowan, Paul Welch, Terry Watts, Kevin Salter, Caroline Champion, Helen Jarvis, Debbie Foweraker, Hilary Lloyd, Wendy Page.

Technical Managers  
Terry Watts, Kevin Salter, Zac Newton, Paul Welch, Wendy Page, Mark Godwin, Caroline Champion.

Scomis Group Education Service Desk "We answer phone calls and emails from customers, aiming to solve problems on first contact if possible."
 Janet De Maine, Rachel Hill, Artie Potter, Tricia Buchan, Verity Ridge, Robert Norton, Annabel Tuohy, Wendy Rakestrow, Viv Pearce, Karen Brain, Sarah Hart, Emily Stone, Liam Motevali,Vicky Leavy, Paul Webster, Matt Dinsdale, Caroline Champion (Service Desk Manager)

Service Performance "Our team are responsible for the running of the back office, providing administration support for all Scomis staff and customers."
Dawn Stanley, Louise Cohen, Adrian Fry, Helen Jarvis (Business Manager) Melanie Dew, Sarah Woolway, Darren Westlake, (Ruth the guide dog) Debbie Phillips, James Roberts.

Infrastructure Team "We are the technical experts that manage and support the infrastructure that provides the Scomis hosted application service.  We also design and support network infrastructure, including Wireless network survey and maintenance.  We use a wide range of skills from physical servers to complete virtualisation and all the applications inbetween."
Matt Evans, Will Fulham, Zac Newton (Infrastructure Manager) Dan Rundle, Simon Lovegrove, Michael Stone.

End User Compute Team "We provide expert support and installation services both onsite and remotely for a number of Scomis technical services."
Chris Lockwood, Terry Watts, Andy Gregory, Lewis Holt, Darren Brooks (Principal Desktop Analyst), Lee Mackintosh, Ian Taylor, Emlyn Austin, Alamgir Anwar.

The ONE Team "We provide, manage and support the central pupil database and application services for the local authority."
Shaun Morrey, Amanda Atkins, Maggie Carter, Debbie Spillings, Sarah Short, John Neale, Debbie Herbert, Mark Godwin (ONE Team Manager), Bill Hall, Adrian James, David Henley,

The Customer Relationships & Business Development Team "Whether you are a maintained school, academy or a Multi Academy Trust, our aim is to work with you to understand and address your challenges and priorities so that we can help deliver improved teaching and learning outcomes through the effective use of ICT."
Sarah Elliot, Maggie Carter, Craig Allen, Charlotte Lacey, Andrea Huxley, Anite Belworthy, Paul Beavis, Jane McFall, Hilary Lloyd (Customer Relationships & Business Development Manager). Sue Donkersley, Frank Prowse.