This page describes what happens when you contact the Scomis Service Desk and outlines our commitment to our customers.  As a team, the Service Desk strives to provide a high standard of customer service and we measure ourselves against Key Performance Indicators reporting back to our customers on how well we achieve these stretching targets.
Throughout the life cycle of each case we use industry best practices to ensure that all cases logged with the Service Desk are treated as quickly as possible.
We welcome your feedback both good and bad about the service we provide and we use this to assist us with our continual improvement.

What you can do to help us resolve your enquiry.

When you contact the Service Desk there are a number of things you can do to help us deal with your call effectively. It’s important to provide as much useful information as possible.

You will be asked for the following when calling the Service Desk:

  • Your organisation’s name
  • Your DfE number
  • Your name
  • Your contact telephone number including extension
  • Your availability times

The Service Desk Analyst will ask you questions regarding the nature of your enquiry and determine the urgency and the impact it has on your school. You can help by providing specific information about the problem such as error codes and messages.

The Service Desk Analyst will also check that the particular enquiry is covered by the terms of the Service Level Agreement purchased as this will determine the level of support that can be provided.

Whenever possible a Service Desk Analyst will try to resolve your problem when you first call in and very often it is necessary for a Service Desk Analyst to remotely control your PC in order to resolve your issue. If the analyst is not able to resolve your issue they will take the relevant details and log it for an appropriate analyst to call you back.

You will be provided with a reference number, please keep note of this reference should you wish to call back and check on the status of your case. Our Hosted Applications customers can check the status of their case through our self service portal.

How do we prioritise your case?

We endeavour to respond by telephone to high priority cases, such as a system failure, within 20 minutes of the initial enquiry being logged. This is a Priority One case.

If you are unable to perform key time critical tasks but are otherwise able to work we aim to respond to you by telephone within 2 hours. This is a Priority Two case.

For intermittent issues where you are still able to perform key tasks we aim to respond to you by telephone or email within 7 hours of you logging the enquiry. This is a Priority Three case.

We aim to respond to service requests, such as booking a training course, within 8 hours. This is a Priority 4 case.

In practice we resolve nearly two thirds of all our cases on first contact.

Please see the table below which illustrates the response times above.

How can I leave feedback regarding the resolution of my case?

When we resolve your case we will email you the details of the resolution for your information. On this email there is a link to a survey so that you can tell us how well we did.

For general feedback regarding the service you have received, please visit the Contact Us page so we may improve our services.