User Groups

What are they?

The Scomis User Groups are comprised of representatives from schools and Scomis who meet, up to 3 times a year – usually once a term to advise and contribute to the development of Scomis Services.  Scomis User Groups take place in Devon, North Somerset, Portsmouth, Oxford and Cornwall.

What do they do?

The purpose of the User Groups is to work together to ensure that the services provided by Scomis meet the needs of our customers and help shape the future development of our business.  In particular the group provides a link between Scomis and the organisations the members represent, providing a useful dialogue for managing our relationship with our customers.

What do they talk about?

Members of the User Group communicate the views of the organisations they represent and feed back information to them.  In particular they:

  • Advise the Scomis management team, helping to monitor and shape matters relating to whole Scomis ICT Support systems.
  • Monitor Scomis performance on levels of Service Delivery and how they meet school requirements.

Dates for Summer Term 2018 User Groups:

1st May 2018  – North Somerset User Group – Clevedon Hall

2nd May 2018 –  Portsmouth User Group – The Marriott Hotel, Portsmouth

3rd May 2018 – Oxfordshire User Group – The Kassam Stadium

9th May 2018 – Devon Combined User Group – St Cuthbert’s Conference Centre, Buckfastleigh

10th May 2018 – Cornwall User Group – The Royal Showground, Cornwall

15th May 2018 – Virtual User Group (Webinar)


2017 User Group Minutes and Agendas


Devon Combined User Group (Devon, Plymouth and Torbay Schools)

Autumn Term 2017

Devon User Group Agenda 6th December 2017

Devon Autumn User Group Minutes 6th December 2017

Oxfordshire Schools

Autumn Term 2017

Oxford User Group Agenda 30th November 2017

Oxford Autumn User Group Minutes 30th November 2017


Portsmouth Schools

Autumn Term 2017

Portsmouth User Group Agenda 29th November 2017

Portsmouth Autumn User Group Minutes 29th November 2017

North Somerset Schools

Autumn Term 2017

North Somerset User Group Agenda 28th November 2017

North Somerset Autumn User Group Minutes 28th November 2017

Cornwall Schools

Autumn Term 2017

Cornwall User Group Agenda 7th December 2017

Cornwall Autumn User Group Minutes Autumn 2017

Virtual User Group

Autumn Term 2017

Virtual User Group Agenda 12th December 2017

Virtual Autumn User Group Autumn Term Minutes 2017

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