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Managed Reporting Service

Do you struggle to consolidate data across your MAT to improve outcomes?

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Technical Support Services

Do you have the time and resources to support and maintain ICT across your school, federation or MAT?

At Scomis we are all about partnering closely with education establishments to create tailor-made ICT services to meet individual needs. There is never a one size fits all solution.

Virtual Events

Scomis User Groups 2019

This year due to the pandemic, we have redesigned our events programme to be accessible online. By taking this approach we aim to offer more flexibility and choice to our customers as the content is accessible nationally.

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Training Directory

Search for an ICT Training Course to suit your needs.

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What we do

Scomis Services are award winning. Find out what we can do for you!

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Service Desk

Our Service Desk is fully accredited for SIMS Support and we also hold a Customer Service Excellence Certification. Give us a call today

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SIMS Interventions Video Demo

In our latest video we demonstrate some of the new features of the SIMS interventions module.