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In this post we’ll give you some of the background to how and why we built the ScoStore


How ScoStore came about

Why did Scomis create ScoStore?

Scomis is a continuous learning organisation, and this curiosity and drive to improve our customers’ working lives ripples through everything we do.

So what does continuous learning have to do with this store? Well, built into how we work is a drive to find greater efficiencies and step-change improvements for customers. Our customers cover hundreds of schools, trusts and federations. And the fact that we work with such a large and varied range of customers means we have a large data set of customer needs and challenges. This means we have the opportunity to spot patterns, where we can make efficiencies and improvements, for every customer.

What common need led to this store?

We know that our customers commonly lose valuable time researching the right hardware, and their procurement options, and finding the best value.

We know this because our customers have increasingly asked us to help them with it.

Scomis’ insight was that we could solve this challenge, once and for all, for every Scomis customer, with an Online Store. We have secured best value, created a straightforward process, and worked only with trusted partners who are motivated to find and share the best value options on the market at any given time.

And – ta-daa! – ScoStore was born.

How ScoStore gives customer the best value

What does ‘best value’ mean?

We’ve brought together customer insights, hardware knowledge and technical procurement expertise and combined this with the best value applicable government procurement framework we could find, the NHS Link 3 framework.

We have produced the store with our fulfilment partner, Getech. Getech and Scomis have worked in partnership for 4 years, creating value for our shared customers and delivering exceptional projects with Google Workspace for Education.


Our store partners


Scomis and Getech have worked in partnership since 2019 on projects involving Google Workspace for Education. Getech is Scomis’ Google for Education Partner and our LEGO Education Partner.

Getech are one of the country’s largest independent, value-added distributors and providers of EdTech and end-user compute services. Getech and Scomis have an equally passionate focus on customer service excellence and collaboration. You can find out more about Getech here.


Ready to explore ScoStore? Everyone’s welcome.