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17th May 2023

Improvements to case handling processes for self-service and email users

Scomis is a continuous learning organisation, and we listen carefully to feedback and regularly analyse our data in order to make improvements for our customers. It was found that our response times to cases logged either by customer email or via our self-service portal, MyScomis, were lower than our excellent telephone support. Following valuable feedback from customers, we identified areas where improvements can be made to the Service Desk.

Aligning our Service Desk support response times across all our channels – telephone, email and self service

Our Service Desk team have made changes to our internal process to ensure that we prioritise cases that are logged either via email or self-service so that response times are in line with our excellent telephone support. As a result of these changes a senior analyst is now responsible for assigning these cases to an analyst as soon as they have been created in our ITSM system. The ITSM system is software that is automated and funnels all our telephone, email and self-service cases through to the Service Desk. Although it is still early, we can already see extremely positive signs in our performance against our KPIs and we wanted to share the highlights with you here.

Our data is showing clear improvements in our service to you

Our average for cases responded to within an hour has risen by 49%, with the average time for our customer to receive a response dropping by 51 minutes. Our average of cases resolved within eight hours has risen by 24%, with the average time to resolution dropping by 123 minutes. We will continue to monitor our performance to ensure that we continue to deliver a high level of service, making improvements wherever we can.

Service Desk Only – cases logged via Email or Self Service

Do you have further improvements to suggest?

Every time our Service Desk resolves a case a feedback email is generated. We publish these stats every month on our blog, because we believe transparency is key to a continuously improving service. Here are the Service Desk feedback stats for February 2023, March 2023 and April 2023.