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4th May 2023


School MIS change all the time, sometimes it’s a minor enhancement, sometimes it’s a new feature.

Keeping up to speed on these changes can save you time and help make a process easier.

Many of you will be familiar with the ‘New Features Splash Card’ every time there’s a new SIMS Release but where do you find out the new features once you’ve closed the card?

Being web-based Arbor releases updates and tweaks on an almost monthly basis and keeping track of the latest features can be just as challenging.

So how do I keep track?

Keeping track of SIMS updates

With SIMS if you click on the Documentation button in the top right corner of the home page it will take you to the SIMS 7 Documentation Centre.

Here you can see the release notes for the current release and previous releases as well as the latest version of the SIMS documentation.

Screenshot of SIMS 7 Documentation Centre

Keeping track of Arbor updates

You can visit Arbor’s Change Log in their Help Centre where they document the latest enhancements and new features.

Screenshot of Arbor Change log webpage