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Pupil Assessment and Tracking for Early Years and KS1

The last two years have been unprecedented in modern history, and schools have had to adapt in a multitude of ways to the numerous challenges which have arisen.  The removal of Statutory Assessments at the end of Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, while relieving schools of the burden of administering these tests, have also left some schools without key data points from which to measure progress in the next few years.

In this article we look at how we might use aspects of SIMS Assessment to allow schools to put in data which will allow progress to be tracked over the next few academic years.

The picture at Key Stage 2 is more complex.  The statutory assessments no longer require a Teacher Assessment at Key Stage 2 for Reading and Maths.  Primary schools wishing to record a final outcome for Year 6 pupils can contact one of our consultants who can work through how schools might record this.  In a similar manner secondary schools wishing to bring in data for the incoming Year 7 cohort may wish to find a way to record a baseline from which to judge progress.

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