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MyScomis, your self-service portal, is coming in November!

We are delighted to let you know that very soon we will send you information on how to access your own self-service knowledge base at MyScomis.

What is MyScomis?

MyScomis is an online portal from our award-winning Service Desk. It gives you direct access, and the ability to search, the Service Desk’s knowledge bank for the very first time.

The Service Desk’s knowledge bank is an intuitive library of articles that will help you quickly find answers to your questions there and then.

MyScomis doesn’t replace your calls to our Service Desk. However, when it comes to written queries, it is going to be much more efficient than by email or via the Scomis website. This is because MyScomis helps you specify a query, which means we can respond with the right information straightaway.

How do I get access?  

You’ll receive an email from the Service Desk with instructions about how to register for MyScomis. Once you’ve done that you will have instant access to the portal and all its benefits.

Do I need to do anything now?  

We need a unique email address for everyone who would like access to MyScomis’ knowledge bank. Many schools have unique email addresses for each of their staff and we think it would be best to use these. If you’re using a generic email (like or you will need to set up a school email address that is specific to you.

Tell me a bit more about MyScomis?

The Service Desk has designed MyScomis to improve how time-efficiently we log and solve your queries, because solving as many queries as possible on first contact is one of our most important promises to you.

Here are some examples of how our service to you will improve:

  • For customers who prefer to email their queries, it improves the process for you, which we know has been frustrating. MyScomis will give you cues that help you define the issue, so we can respond to your query much more efficiently.
  • MyScomis opens up direct access to our knowledge bank, so you will quickly and easily find answers to queries – you can do this yourself, anytime, anywhere.
  • MyScomis gives you access to log unlimited cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365* days of the year.

You can of course still contact our Service Desk by telephone. We know from feedback on the MyScomis pilot that this extra contact channel will significantly enhance your experience of our service.

What happens next?

We’re working on getting everyone’s logins ready to email, so that we can get you up and running on MyScomis soon!

*Our data tells us that 106 customers logged into our Hosted Application Service alone on Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2020.