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As we approach the end of the academic year, we’ve put together a selection of our top 5 leadership webinars from the last 12 months to make sure you’re prepared for the new school year. These include useful information on Ofsted inspections, interventions, the future of assessment and how to achieve consistency in assessments, and more.


Ofsted Calling: the 90 minute call – how to remain cool, calm and collected

One of the most popular sessions at ScomisLive, our School Leadership Partners take you through the best possible preparation for the questions that Ofsted inspectors will typically ask. Watching this video gives you all the information you need, readily at your fingertips for an Ofsted inspection.

From super tutors to immersive experience and beyond

Ready for your imagination to take flight? Put your seatbelt on as Zoe Scaman pilots us into the future of EdTech. Zoe talks us through five big shifts in technology and shows us how they could transform the learning environment well within the span of your career. This was the zingiest and best attended ScomisLive session. See for yourself why.


It has never been more important to put in place the extra support that pupils in deprived circumstances need to allow them to reach their potential. We look at the evidence supporting diverse intervention strategies and how to monitor the success of your chosen interventions.

Key insights into the future of assessment

Insights, emerging trends and expectations summarised from the Westminster Education Forum Policy Conference. The future of assessment in England – moving forward from the pandemic, support for students of all abilities, and the use of technology.

Achieving consistency in assessment policy and practice

The effective management and utilisation of data for pupil progress and attainment tracking is a challenge that school leaders will be able to identify with in all settings – from small primary schools through to large trusts. Learn more about this key initiative, led by Iain Randall of St Christopher’s Multi Academy Trust and supported by Scomis, to develop and implement a trust-wide policy for assessment.