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You may be aware that the Department for Education (DfE) commissioned a study for leaders and teachers working in schools in England.

It is a longitudinal study that explores trends in the educational sector in a range of areas from teachers’ and leaders’ experiences of – and views on – pupil behaviour, pay and reward, flexible working, workload, wellbeing, professional development and career plans.

The findings of the survey carried out in Spring 2022 were published on the 11th April and you can find a 6 page summary report here and the  full 179 page report here.

While we were most interested in the many sections of the report, we were drawn to the CPD Section.

Almost all teachers (98%) had taken part in some form of formal CPD in the last year.

The more time that teachers and leaders spent on formal CPD, the more likely they were to:

  • Rate the overall impact on their ability to perform their role highly
  • Report that they were satisfied with their current job all or most of the time

We’re sure all staff in the school would respond similarly!