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Every month we receive feedback from our customers, which feeds Scomis’ continuous improvement. Scomis is a learning organisation, and we value and act upon the insights our customers take time to share with us.

How Scomis gathers feedback

We send a follow-up email when we resolve any customer issue. An issue might be, for example, a request for training, logging an issue, or a quick “Help, how do I…?” The email asks each customer to send us their feedback on the service they have received from Scomis.

Customers are asked for two pieces of easy-to-give feedback to help us continuously learn and improve. Firstly, a structured rating. Customers are asked to select from Gold Star (Excellent), Green Light (Good), Yellow Light (Average), or Red Light (Poor). Secondly, any comment they’d like to share in their own words.

Customer ratings

Scomis customer satisfaction target is 95%. As you can see here, our customers rated us at 98% for February 2023.

86% of the feedback was rated as Gold Star and the remaining 12% as Green Light.

Pie chart showing customer feedback for February 2023

Hearing what our Scomis customers say

We’re there with the help our customers need, and our customer feedback supports this. We will continue to offer top-level support and continue to improve throughout 2023.

Here is a selection of written feedback, verbatim, with thanks to all our customers and especially those who have take the time to rate Scomis’ service and write down their views for us.

Compliments from our customers during February

Gold Star The analyst sorted my problem with Discover out within half and hour. Fantastic.
Gold Star Excellent
Gold Star Staff understood the problem, explained it well and resolved it quickly. Could not be happier. Thank you!
Gold Star Thank you
Gold Star Skills and Personality
Gold Star The analyst was very helpful thank you so much for your help
Gold Star Friendly, helpful, informative!
Gold Star The analyst was asked to call me back to help with a tricky mail merge and label resizing – they made it work and seamlessly showed me how to sort the issue.
Gold Star patient and informative, kept me updated and offered resolution.
Gold Star The analyst was brilliant and sorted my issue immediately and give me the knowledge and confidence to do it myself next time.
Gold Star I was only allowed to select one choice, however I would of selected them all. Brilliant technical help and lovely attitude.
Gold Star Worked with me to sort out my issues
Gold Star So helpful and solved my issue 🙂
Gold Star And the Scomis staff attitude 😊
Gold Star Very knowledgeable and friendy.
Gold Star Rather than just fixing the issue for me, the analyst talked me through the process and made me do it myself – super helpful and hopefully I’ll remember it for next time!
Gold Star Very competent, helpful and professional staff.
Gold Star Excellent help !
Gold Star The analyst was very polite & so very helpful. He explained everything so clearly. Every member of the Scomis Team I have ever spoken to always have a pleasant telephone manner & are extremely helpful & a situation can get sorted very quickly.
Gold Star Fantastic help from the analyst yesterday!