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Infrastructure Services

Is your ICT infrastructure robust, resilient and future-proof? Would you like impartial and objective advice to help you develop your infrastructure to deliver your vision for teaching and learning?

Scomis has significant experience in helping schools with their infrastructure projects – no matter how small or large, we offer a range of services that are designed to complement those offered by your own in-house team or onsite support provider.

From mobile learning through to a complete infrastructure refresh; from helping you get the most out of your existing infrastructure to working with a completely new school to implement their vision for ICT, we will consult with you to design a solution that meets your needs and budget.

An overview of our key solutions and services is provided below. If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us as we are always happy to develop a bespoke solution and/or service to meet your specific requirements.

Network Solutions and Services

  • ScoNet 8 a whole school network solution at an affordable price. Based on Microsoft’s Windows Server and Desktop operating systems, ScoNet 8 is an easy to manage and fully scalable network solution. From a single school, single server to multi-site, multi-server configuration, it can easily adapt to meet your future requirements.
  • ScoNet Go – provides secure and easy access to the data held on your ScoNet8 network from remote locations. This means that staff and students can access their documents from outside the school site without placing sensitive data at risk as with ScoNet Go there is no need to use USB drives or public cloud storage.

For more information about ScoNet 8 and ScoNetGo please click here.

  • Network Design and Installation Servicea dedicated Desktop Analyst will be assigned to your installation project from start to finish and an initial consultancy visit ensures that we design a network tailored to your needs. Once installed, your Analyst will visit you to sign off the installation. You may wish to purchase additional onsite technical services to help you manage your network on an ongoing basis and where possible we will assign the same Desktop Analyst for continuity. For more information about our Onsite Technical Services, please click here.
  • Reload Service – in the event of unrecoverable data corruption, there may be a need to restore the computer to its correct state prior to the corruption.  This is known as a System Reload. Scomis are able to provide a System Reload Service. This service is available for administration and curriculum servers as well as administration workstations.
  • Network Support Services – our experience Service Desk Analysts can provide ongoing support for your ScoNet8 network as part of our Whole School ICT Support Service, please click here for more information (hyperlink to Whole School ICT Support Service.
  • RM CC4 Installation and Support Servicesas an RM Premier Service Partner (PSP), Scomis is accredited to provide installation and support services for RM CC4 networks. Please contact us for more information.

Managed Wireless Solutions and Services

Are you thinking of setting up a new Wi-Fi network or maybe you need to improve an existing one?

The Scomis Managed Wireless Network Service is designed to help you make the most of your investment in Wi-Fi from beginning to end. Whether you’re planning to install a new Wi-Fi network or upgrading, revising or even just trying to improve an existing system, the Managed Wi-Fi Service can help you. The service includes:

  • A consultation to understand your needs and a survey to help plan the best solution for your school;
  • A design, recommendations with costings and hardware procurement advice;
  • Installation and integration with your existing infrastructure;
  • A post installation survey to verify that the service meets your requirements;
  • On-going support options to help you with trouble-shooting.

For more information, please click here.

Wired Infrastructure Transformation Service

An infrastructure refresh is a major project for any school to take on – with our Wired Infrastructure Transformation Service we work with you to understand your needs, create and source a solution to best meet your requirements and budget and manage the whole process from start to finish for you. You are working with a trusted partner who can select the solutions best aligned to your needs who can give you objective advice. The service includes the following:

  • A survey to understand your current cabling topography, the position of switches, cabinets and fixed end users devices;
  • A consultation to understand your requirements;
  • Procurement on your behalf of equipment and services from suppliers to meet your need. Quotations are reviewed with you as part of the process.
  • Infrastructure hardware installation including the installation of cabinets, cables, switches, power management and other communication equipment.
  • Infrastructure configuration including the configuration of network switch devices, security settings, port configuration and routing.
  • Liaison with and manage of any other suppliers involved throughout the process;
  • A post installation handover onsite we would provide a hand over onsite;
  • Three levels of support depending on the budget and existing technical resources available within the school.

For more information please click here.

Virtual Technician Service

If you don’t have the time or resources to monitor your infrastructure regularly or to keep on top of your software releases, updates and licencing this service will help you and includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your systems to identify and notify you of any potential problems before they happen thus reducing unexpected failures and breakdowns and allowing you to put solutions in place before they become an emergency;
  • A remote termly health check conducted by a Scomis Desktop Analyst to check that your core software titles and operating systems are up to date;
  • A termly Network Status Report and an annual Network Audit to help you verify your software licencing agreements and assist with your school audit;
  • Power Management so that you can turn off all of your systems at a time specified by you in order to extend the lifetime of your hardware and reduce energy costs.

For more information please click here.

Remote Back-Up Service

This flexible service offers remote backup of part or all of a school’s data on a daily basis. You specify which parts of your data you would like us to back up for you. Then every night we back up your files and regularly validate that the back-up was successful. As part of the service we can restore up to the last 30 days and rolled up data for the previous 5 months allowing a full 6 month recovery if necessary. This means that you do not need to remember to start a local backup, change tapes or take backup tapes off site. This is a cost-effective, fully managed, reliable and automated backup solution utilising high speed broadband links to back up your data securely over the internet.

For more information please click here

On-site Technician Service

We pride ourselves in delivering an excellent on-site technician service. This service provides subscribing schools with on-site technical support and assistance as a series of site visits. An experienced and trained Scomis technician will undertake these visits to your school, assisting IT coordinators, administrators and head teachers with the day to day management of maintaining an efficient ICT system in school.

Ad-hoc technician time can also be purchased on a PAYGO basis, please contact us for more information.

Apple Mac Support Service

Our Apple support service will provide your school with technical support for issues with Mac OS and OS X Server (on OS X Lion 10.7 onwards). We will also support integration to your school network for standalone Macs (connected to Internet and printers only), integration on to a Windows network (using Active Directory), and integration to OS X Server (Lion and Mavericks onwards) using the Apple OS X Server app.

For more information please contact us at scomis@devon.gov.uk or 01392 385300.

Hardware Installation Services

In addition to our network installation services, we also offer installs for a range of hardware devices. These services are charged based on the length of time taken to perform the install and will therefore vary according to a number of factors including – the type of hardware being installed; any additional software which may be required; and the type of network that is being used.

Please contact us for more information