Remote Backup


Remote Backup

What would your school do in the event of losing critical data?
Would your data be fully protected in the ever growing threat of ransomware attacks? What organisational and technical measures are you taking to ensure personal data is secure in relation to GDPR?


Our service provides a daily, fully-automated, encrypted and secure online
backup of your school’s data and secures your data off-site in multiple UK
data centres. This assists in complying with the Data Protection Act, ICO
and GDPR guidelines.

Whether a single school or a multi academy trust; you decide what data
to backup and we take care of the rest. This means that you do not need
to remember to start a local backup, change tapes, or take backups off site,
giving you a secure, effective method of managing, saving and recovering
data for establishments of any size.


Key Features

Allowing you to roll back a device to a previous state for full disaster recovery.

Data from multiple servers/locations can be aggregated to provide a cost effective solution across the whole school, MAT or Federation.

Charges are based on the amount of data you protect helping you to manage your budget.

More cost effective compared to traditional, onsite manual backup methods with data mirrored to a 2nd offsite UK data centre for extra resilience.

Run backups at a time that suits you to reduce bandwidth consumption and minimise disruption to users.

Scomis service desk support for installation queries, proactive monitoring, guidance and advice, assistance with restoring data from backup, and investigation and resolution of any backup issues; thereby removing the burden from your support staff.

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