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SIMS Hosted Application Service

SIMS in the Cloud

Anytime, Anywhere, Any device access

Our Hosted Application Service, powered by Scomis, is a fully managed service which removes the burden of managing SIMS, FMS and Discover onsite with school-based servers, so you don’t need to worry about upgrades, patches, backups or keeping associated software up to date. We take care of that for you remotely with no disruption to your school day empowering teachers to focus on pupil attainment and school improvement.

What’s more, you don’t need the latest hardware and you can access your data securely anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection using devices supporting Windows, Android, Chromebooks, Macbook or Apple iOS.

For more than 15 years, Scomis has invested in a programme of technical development and continuous service improvement to ensure the service responds to the changing needs of schools and that the performance of the service is maximised.

This means you can be confident that the service has been designed to meet your requirements and is robust, resilient and future proof

This popular service is used by more than 650 educational establishments from large secondary schools with more than 2,000 students and their own in-house support teams through to small, rural nurseries and primary schools.

Why choose the Scomis Hosted Application Service?

The key features of hosting are:

  • Seamless, secure and flexible access
    Allowing access to SIMS, FMS or Discover at any time, whether in school, at home or anywhere with an internet connection

  • Access from a range of devices
    Access SIMS, FMS or Discover using devices supporting Windows, Android, Chromebooks, Macbook or Apple iOS

  • Superior user experience
    From simple and seamless access to data through to password resets and remote support, providing the very best user experience

  • Hassle free upgrades and offsite backup
    All upgrades, patches and daily backups are managed for you remotely so that staff can focus on using SIMS effectively to drive improved outcomes.

  • Trouble free third party application Integration with SIMS
    Many third party applications are managed and maintained within the service, saving time and money.
  • No hidden costs including unlimited user provisioning
    All features of the service are included as standard and all staff can be set up as users at no additional cost
  • High levels of availability
    Our private cloud based in the UK is available 24/7 and exceeds our target of 99% availability during the school day
  • Scomis Hosted Application Support
    Instant remote support without the need to download any additional tools so our Service Desk can quickly access your desktop and work on your issue
  • Easy access to databases across Multi Academy Trusts and Federations
    Users can easily access multiple schools’ databases with one user name and password from any location.
  • GDPR compliance & data security
    As a data processor we comply with GDPR and ISO27001 certification, an international standard for data and information security


For more information download the brochure here.

When we converted to a MAT, becoming an academy was completely alien to us.
The support from Scomis was fantastic. We couldn’t have achieved what we did
without them. Their Hosted Application Service for SIMS makes my job a lot
easier, from my desk I have access to each school’s database.
Carol Chapman, Chief Operating Officer,
The First Federation Trust