Frequently Asked Questions

The Scomis team have written a large number of FAQs which can be viewed on our FAQ site.  We’ve picked out a selection of the most useful and relevant FAQ items based on customer views and importance to the every day roles of School Administrators, Teachers and ICT Support.

Our Top Ten FAQs

  1. Scomis Hosted Application Connector and Driverless Printing client download
  2. Downloading and Importing of Exams Basedata
  3. Hosted Applications (Terminal Server) School – Getting Started
  4. How to restore files / folders from Attix – Scomis Remote Backup Service
  5. Protect your computer (s) against Viruses and Malware
  6. Useful links for the School Census
  7. Useful links for the School Workforce Census
  8. Hosted Application Service – Supported VLEs and Third Party Applications
  9. Scomis Hosted Applications – How to request an External Connector
  10. Unable to open FMS – Runtime Error 217

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