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Have You Done Your SIMS Housekeeping?

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Did you know that SIMS Housekeeping routines will help to improve data accuracy and aid GDPR compliance? This 30-Minute Masterclass will run through SIMS Housekeeping routines you can do now and on a regular basis. Including:

• Permissions required
• Deletion of Unlinked Persons/Contacts
• Bulk updates
• Merging Agents and Agencies
• Archiving Attendance

About the presenter: Jane Mcfall – Education & Product Specialist at Scomis

Scomis Consultant, Jane McFall has many years of experience leading and managing administration teams in schools, and at Local Authority and regional level, introducing systems and processes to enable business efficiencies. Jane has delivered workshops and CPD to Senior Leaders, Governors, Administration and Teaching staff on Managing Support Staff Performance and Effective Administration in schools, locally and nationally.