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30-Minute Masterclasses


Welcome to our 30-Minute Masterclasses. Below you’ll find our Autumn 2021 schedule.

Each 30-Minute Masterclass is led by Scomis experts in their fields. They’re all free of charge. And each 30-Minute masterclass will run for can you guess? a manageable 30 minutes. We’ve gone for this short and sweet approach to help you fit them into your day.

Places are limited, so please make sure you book the courses that interest you right away. We’ll send you a calendar invite and a reminder nearer the time.

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Have You Done Your SIMS Housekeeping?

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Did you know that SIMS Housekeeping routines will help to improve data accuracy and aid GDPR compliance? This 30-Minute Masterclass will run through SIMS Housekeeping routines you can do now and on a regular basis. Including:

• Permissions required
• Deletion of Unlinked Persons/Contacts
• Bulk updates
• Merging Agents and Agencies
• Archiving Attendance

Data Managers, School Administrators

Cybersecurity for all leaders in education

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Keeping the school systems safe from cyber crime is everyone’s job, but how can you do this? In this Masterclass on cybersecurity, we:

1. Share insights into why the education sector is targeted by criminals
2. Present steps to follow that mitigate your risk
3. Show you the ways school leadership, parents and governors can improve their resilience to phishing and other plausible threats
4. Finally, if the worst happens, we’ll share some best practice guidance for your cybersecurity recovery plan

There’s a 10-minute Q&A at the end of the 20-minute presentation.

Compliance Managers, Data Protection Officers, Governors in Schools/MATs, Senior Leadership

Top 10 tips to save 10 minutes

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

The latest of our ever-popular Tips & Tricks Masterclasses that help you save time when using SIMS. Come and see the new entries in the Top 10 and maybe share your own top tip!

Users Of SIMS

Ofsted: when an inspector calls! Quality of Learning

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Ofsted splits up the ‘quality of education’ judgement into three curriculum concepts:
Intent: your curriculum plan, including its design, structure and sequence.
Implementation: how you teach and assess your intended curriculum.
Impact: the outcomes for your pupils as a result of the education they’ve received.

This 30-Minute Masterclass looks at how schools can use their MIS to monitor and track these criteria.

Headteachers, Senior Leadership

Assessing and reporting the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework & profile in SIMS

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Changes to the Early years foundation stage (EYFS) statutory framework became law in September 2021. The early years foundation stage coronavirus disapplications are no longer in force and all early years providers must meet the requirements set out in the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage.

This 30-Minute Masterclass shows you how SIMS tools will help you comply with these requirements by monitoring and recording assessment and progress in this area.

EYFS Leads (Primary)

Closing the Gap and Catch-up Funding 

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are likely to have been affected particularly severely by school closures and online learning, and may need more support to return to school and settle back into school life. This 30-Minute Masterclass illustrates how we can support you to address these challenges and take advantage of the funding available.

Headteachers, Senior Leadership

Getting the most from your MyScomis self-service portal

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Essential viewing! Our 30-Minute Masterclass on the brand new self-service portal. We’ll look at the FAQs from MyScomis’s first ten days. You will learn how to get the very best from Scomis by blending calls to our Service Desk with your mastery of the integrated knowledge articles in the portal.

Business Managers, Data Managers, School Administrators

Assessing Relationships and Sex Education in SIMS

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

By the end of this academic year, all schools are required to have taught some of the new compulsory curriculum, published a policy, and consulted parents.

In this 30-Minute Masterclass we show you around the SIMS tools that help you monitor and record assessment and progress in this area.

Relationships and Sex Education Leads (Primary or Secondary)

Ofsted: When an Inspector Calls! Behaviour and Attitudes

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

One of the four main areas on which Ofsted has been passing judgement from September 2019 is ‘Behaviour and Attitudes.’ Moving away from academic judgements, this section focuses on students’ approach to life at school and their learning, and the importance of this to their wellbeing. In this webinar we look at how schools can use their MIS to monitor and track these criteria.

Headteachers, Senior Leadership

Ofsted: when an inspector calls! Personal Development

30-Minute Masterclass – finished

Ofsted’s Personal Development judgement evaluates schools’ intent to provide for the personal development of all pupils, and the quality with which this work is implemented.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) is evaluated as part of the Personal Development judgement as is Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).

In this 30-Minute Masterclass we show you how you can best use your MIS to monitor and track these criteria and improvements.

Staff with responsibility for Personal Development