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Learn How To Move Your MIS To The Cloud

We are hosting a free, 30-minute online presentation which will include an interactive Q&A session.

Our Moving your MIS to the Cloud Masterclass will teach you how to access SIMS via a robust, reliable and secure managed service, anytime, from anywhere and on any device. We will also discuss improving and safeguarding your data security, and how to exploit your MIS more effectively and efficiently.


Wednesday 8th December 2021 11:00AM
It's free!
20 minutes + 10 minute Q&A

Join our 30-Minute Masterclass on how to access your MIS anytime, from anywhere

If you’re thinking of moving your MIS (Management Information System) to the cloud, this virtual event is for you.

What does our free 30-Minute Masterclass include?

Our experienced and knowledgeable Education Business Partner, Michael Heard, will reveal:

  • How easy it is to access and update data from any device, anywhere and anytime
  • How to reduce the burden of managing SIMS onsite without disrupting your school day, so you can focus on teaching and learning practices
  • How to support business continuity by ensuring your data is safe, secure and accessible 24/7
  • How to get better value for money from your MIS by exploiting it more effectively and efficiently.

The Moving your MIS to the Cloud Masterclass consists of a 20-minute online presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session where we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about moving your MIS to the cloud.

Book here to join our Moving your MIS to the Cloud Masterclass

Who will be hosting the Masterclass?

Michael Heard, Education Business Partner and Senior Leader at Scomis will be hosting our Moving your MIS to the Cloud Masterclass. Michael joined the Scomis Group as an Education Business Partner in early 2018, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about the education sector from his previous role at Capita SIMS, where he worked for seven years before joining Scomis. As a self-motivated individual, Michael strives to become a trusted partner with Scomis customers. He also supports his local primary school as a School Governor.

Why move your MIS to the cloud?

It’s more important than ever to ensure teachers and school staff can teach efficiently and access the tools and resources they need wherever they are. Trust leaders also need the best possible tools and access to consistent data for analysis and decision-making. That’s why we’re hosting a 30-Minute Masterclass on moving your MIS to the cloud, the benefits and how to access accurate and key data when you need it.

Join our 30-Minute Masterclass

Join our 30-Minute Masterclass on moving your MIS to the cloud by clicking the link below to book your space. Attendance is free of charge, and if you sign up via the link below, you will also get access to the recording of the event, which you can watch at your leisure and share with other staff and colleagues within your school or trust community.

Book here to join our Moving your MIS to the Cloud Masterclass